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۲۲ شهریور, ۱۴۰۰

Men’s Make-up artist

Men’s face painting, also known as makeup today, is a job and profession in which facial imperfections are covered using special techniques. With this skill, you […]
۲۱ شهریور, ۱۴۰۰

Men’s Hairdressing Training Course

Men’s hairdresser is a job in the field of beauty care that is able to perform skills such as environmental pollution, personal protection and hygiene in […]
۲۱ شهریور, ۱۴۰۰

Men’s Hair Restoration Training Course

Hair restorer (men) is a person who, after passing the necessary training courses, can recognize the structure of skin and hair, know the tools for doing […]
۵ شهریور, ۱۴۰۰

Several Hair Care Methods

۱- Thick thin hair with silicone. Thin and short hair is one of the most common reasons for people to see dermatologists and hair and always […]
۲ شهریور, ۱۴۰۰

Recognize hairstyles based on male face shape

As you know, men’s hairstyles like women’s hairstyles have many types. Most men, because they are confused in choosing a hairstyle, choose only one hairstyle and […]
۱ شهریور, ۱۴۰۰
آموزشگاه پرگار

۵ characteristics of a successful men’s hairdresser

۱- A good hairdresser does not execute the customer’s request! A successful male hairdresser has a lot of information about cutting and shaping hair. Hairdressing classes […]