Recognize hairstyles based on male face shape

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As you know, men’s hairstyles like women’s hairstyles have many types. Most men, because they are confused in choosing a hairstyle, choose only one hairstyle and are a little stressed about changing their hairstyle and appearance. In order to look stylish and elegant, you should try to look in a way that suits your personality and position. Accordingly, in order to be able to find a hairstyle that fits your face, you must first be aware of the type and shape of your face so that you can choose a suitable hairstyle according to it.

How to recognize the shape and form of the face?

As mentioned, the first step in choosing a hairstyle based on the shape of a man’s face is to be aware of the appearance of the face. First, if you have long hair, guide it all to the back of your head so that you can better identify the shape of your face. To recognize the shape of the face, you must pay attention to personal characteristics such as the dimensions of the length of the face, the width of the forehead, the width of the cheeks and the jaw and chin line. Also, according to the picture above, this will be easier for you. Now you can choose a hairstyle based on the shape of the man’s face more easily.

Men’s hairstyles suitable for oval faces

The oval face fits well and you can try a wide range of different hairstyles. Since most hairstyles perfectly match the oval face, it all depends on your taste. In general, how much or how much feed hairstyle looks beautiful on your face. Beard shaping is also optional for those with an oval face. Finally, the only hairstyle that is not suitable for people with an oval face is an umbrella hairstyle that shows your face completely round. In general, feed hairs, bulky pompadors and buzz cuts are suitable for you.

Men’s hairstyles suitable for square faces

In the square form, the length and width of the face are close together and the face has an angle at the corners. So that when you look at it, you notice its square structure. For those whose face shape is square, hairstyles such as kovef, undercut, feed and completely shaved hair are ideal. In short, if the shape of your face is square, try to keep the volume of the sides of your hair less than the front of your head. Also, having a beard will increase your attractiveness.

Men’s hairstyles suitable for heart-shaped faces

When choosing a hairstyle for your heart-shaped face, keep in mind that you want to balance the top of your face with your chin. So try to choose a hairstyle that does not make your chin look too narrow. If your face shape is the same as before, avoid completely short and shaved hairstyles and try to increase the volume and density of your hair.

Men’s hairstyles suitable for rhombus-shaped faces

As you know, rhombic faces are long and narrow. Therefore, men who have a rhombic face, layered hairstyles, bangs and combed hair upwards are very suitable for them. In other words, longer hairstyles that can be used to browse the sides of the hair behind the ears are very good for showing the angled bone of the rhombus face and adding to its charm. A little beard can also increase your attractiveness.

Men’s hairstyles suitable for round faces

The best hairstyles for people with round faces are types of feeds, cups and pompadour. Try to keep your hair on the side of the head shorter than the front of the head. Also, shortening the whole head with a little beard can make you attractive. Therefore, angled hairstyles and medium feeds are ideal for people with round faces.

Men’s hairstyles suitable for rectangular faces

The first and most important thing that people with rectangular faces should remember is to avoid hairstyles that make their face look more elongated. Hairstyles like Pompadour do not look good on rectangular faces. Also avoid shaving. Try to keep the volume of your hair completely uniform.

Men with rectangular faces should always try to keep their hair short and long. Therefore, feed hairstyles are not suitable for you. Also, avoid cutting the sides of your hair. In short, shorten or lengthen the entire size of your hair. You can put some hair on the forehead to reduce the length of your face and increase its width. Use models with relatively long tops and sides.


Choosing a hairstyle based on the shape of a man’s face, in addition to boosting self-confidence, will make your overall look many times more attractive. If you find it difficult to determine the shape of your face and can not distinguish it well, ask your hairdresser to consider a suitable hairstyle for you according to the shape of your face and the type of hair. Always try to choose the hairstyle according to the shape of the face and do not have any stress from changing. It’s time to dump her and move on.

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