Men’s Hair Restoration Training Course
۲۱ شهریور, ۱۴۰۰
Men’s Make-up artist
۲۱ شهریور, ۱۴۰۰

Men’s hairdresser is a job in the field of beauty care that is able to perform skills such as environmental pollution, personal protection and hygiene in the workplace, counseling and customer acceptance, shampooing and washing hair, cutting hair with combs, scissors and machine And drawing lines around the head and neck with scissors and a correction machine and shortening the beard, styling and drying the hair with a hair dryer. This job is related to the qualification standard of the men’s hairdressing introductory course.

This course is located in the collection of care and beauty from the set of educational standards of the Technical and Vocational Education Organization (TVTO)

This course includes the following

Environmental pollution, protection and personal hygiene

Customer consultation and acceptance

Shampooing and washing the hair

Haircut with a comb and scissors

Haircut with comb and machine

Draw lines around the head and neck

Trim the beard and trim around it to fit the head

Styling and drying hair with a hair dryer

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